Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another 5K PR!

I have had the notion, in the past, that I could not have another 5k PR at the age of 62. My coach would not approve of this self deprecating statement! The truth is I have only hoped to get close once again to my last PR of 26:41 in August 2012, two years ago!   I have not raced since last December 2013, 4 months ago, at the HoHoHo 5K race with a  time of  27:59.  Well, at my last race, Power of the Woman 5K,  April 12th. I knocked my PR down to 26:33!  I was a very happy runner.  
Race Report: Power of the Woman 5K.  It was a very small race of only about 60 runners I was pretty relaxed waiting to competition around until another women pointed out this grey haired lady, tiny and petite wearing shorts and a tank...and the comment was: she looks like she's pretty speedy.  I thought uh oh...maybe she is in my AG. I took off and was still relaxed and went out at what I realized when another asked if I knew the pace...7:45...I was whoaaa that's crazy I'd better slow down...then realized after a mile that I was running at about a 8:15 pace and wasn't in too much trouble breathing too heavy etc After the 2nd mile it got harder and noticed it was slowing down more....saw the finish line timer turn to 26 minutes and I was whoaaa...I'm speedy....kept it up and finished at best PR ever!! 
So, what have I learned from this race?
Do not consider your age as a determining factor 
in how you will do every year at every race.
Do not believe that your race/running times will always diminish with every birthday.
Do set your expectations higher than you think; 
what is the worst result? You achieve it next time!
Do believe that you can PR instead of cannot. 
Now, I just have to remember my own good advice at my 10k race on Sunday.  
I will be looking to beat 56:33.
Stay tuned for the next race report.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March.....and it's still cold out there.....

March has still been a cold month.  Too many times this month I have had to resort to using the treadmill instead of running outside. I've come to the conclusion that I do not like treadmill running; mainly because it is so boring.  I also realize that I definitely seem to run slower, perhaps because of my distaste for treadmill running, the ambiance, or simply it is boring to run like a mouse on a wheel.
After a few weeks of inside running the first day outside was definitely a breath of fresh, if not cold air.  I did have to resort to the neck warmer and other cold weather gear.  Now that it is March, I want so much to run unencumbered by my cold weather running attire. It seems like a treat to not have to wear hat, gloves, neck warmer etc.  So now it's mid March and I know if I'm just a bit more patient the weather will warm up!  Today, I did a tempo run in fairly moderate (some would call it a heat wave) temperature. I ran 3 miles about 90 seconds slower than my last race. My coach thinks that's felt to me like one of my hardest runs of the year! I ended my day exhausted only wanting to nap away the afternoon.  It's still 'bear' weather when one wants to just pull up the covers and hibernate until the spring. I'm looking forward to running in the spring with an appreciation for the warm weather and looking for the daffodils and crocuses to pop up and show their spring colors. Perhaps, I will finally find a race to run as well.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Running Blues


I'm trying to stay positive in the midst of a relentless winter of snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  January proved to be an incredibly cold month for New York.  Constant frigid temperatures and bitter wind chill numbers.  Not conducive to outdoor running.  I thought trying to fit in my training with the normal workday crunch was hard but throwing in winter weather has finally pushed me to an indoor treadmill.  I first relented and started to run, after hours in the hallways of the school where I teach.  A few times doing that I discovered pounding on a stone floor was definitely not good for my legs.  Then I headed to the downstairs gym and gave in...and got on the treadmill.  Well, not the best ambiance but I got to run.  3.5 miles was all I could do before my interest started to fade.  Treadmills are just not the same as running outside.  I found myself getting bored and watching the time and distance tick by.  I never really felt 'in the zone' of just running.  And today's weather you may ask? That would be:  snow, freezing rain, sleet and rain, piles of slush, ice and snow laced with big puddles of water.  Nice slick streets creating not so nice running conditions outside. And the forecast? Another storm is yet headed our way for the weekend.  So, it's back to the treadmill for me tomorrow; I will be thinking about the next time I can go for an outdoor run, when there are no winter weather issues standing in the way.  I can just imagine it: clear sunny weather with no ice, no biting wind chill temperatures and no snow on the ground either.  That kind of running makes me happy.  In the meantime.......the treadmill will be my new friend.